Marie Brassard - VIOLENCE

Théâtre Performance

In the beam of a flashlight that pierces the night, a picture book opens to a drawing of a landscape. Flipping through the book, Léone, two and a half at the time, points at a barely discernable point in the blue sky of the drawing. “Look,” she says, “it’s like a small Japanese flower that hasn’t been born.” This remark summons a world that wants to exist beyond the book. What does she see beyond the visible drawing on the page?

A hybrid work for adults inspired by a child’s remark, Violence is the culmination of an adventure that began in Montreal and then took the company to Marseille and Vitlycke in the Swedish countryside. Against all odds, at the height of the pandemic we found ourselves virtually in Tokyo, then Kinosaki and Toyooka on the shores of the Sea of ​​Japan, continuing to work on this project from a distance.

Violence is a surreal tale, a blend of visual and sound art, cinematic realism and expressionist theatre. This strange fable is about life’s sorrows and the fragile moment of a possible collapse that threatens to snap the thread binding us to life.


Duration : 90 minutes


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Credits Violence - FTA

Infrarouge production

Text + direction + interpretation Marie Brassard

Sound design + live music Alexander MacSween

Scenography + set management Antonin Sorel

Lights Mikko Hynninen

Video images + live screenings Sabrina Ratté

Costumes Julie Charland, Marie Brassard

Montage of images of Japan Nicolas Dufour-Laperrière

Dramaturgy Advisor Morena Prats

Team in Japan

Interpretation Kyoko Takenaka + Miwa Okuno

Video footage Shingo Ota

Choreography Miwa Okuno

Production Manager Moemi Nagi

Sound technicians Takeshi Inarimori + Hayato Ichimura

Production team

Technical direction Romane Bocquet + Catherine Fasquelle + Mateo Thébaudeau

Production manager + tour Anne McDougall

Scenography assistant + chief stagehand Andrew de Freitas

Sound system + sound engineer Gabrielle Couillard

Lighting manager Érik Nowosielski-Lamoureux

Video technology design Guillaume Arsenault


Coproduction Festival TransAmériques (Montreal) + French Theater of the National Arts Center (Ottawa) + Athens & Epidaurus Festival (Athens), Usine C (Montreal)

International Touring Agent Menno Plukker Theater Agency ( )

France tour agent Sarah Ford, Quaternaire ( )

Developed With support from the National Arts Center National Creation Fund

Creation residencies Montevideo (Marseille) + Usine C (Montreal) + Vitlycke

Center for Performing Art (Tanumshede) at the invitation of Göteborg Dance and

Theater Festival + Kinosaki International Art Center + Season-Morishita Studio (Tokyo)

Infrarouge acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts

and letters from Quebec and the Montreal Arts Council.


Acknowledgments Marcello Spada & Cinema-Teatro Apollo (Bellaria) + Yokna Hasegawa


Administrative direction Jacinthe St-Pierre Coordination Catherine Sasseville


Production manager Anne MacDougall