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THE STRANGER is Brett Bailey’s contemporary, theatrical adaptation of the classical myth of Orpheus. Brett's vision is to direct a series of distinct versions of the piece, each one made in a different part of the world in collaboration with local performers, musicians and other creatives. Each of these versions would be grounded in the musical, theatrical, aesthetic, spiritual and political context of the place in which it is made. The mythical Orpheus was a foreigner, an outsider: the lead role in each city should be played by an immigrant or visiting composer-musician-singer.

THE STRANGER tells of the arrival of the first poet-musician (Orpheus) into a fast-paced, industrialized and xenophobic city. His profound music transforms the urban reality: birds, trees, rocks and animals gather around, mesmerized; people are calmed, their minds stilled… 

The ritualistically-staged work has strong musical and visual emphases. It can be staged either indoors or outdoors, in a theatre or ‘found space’.
The duration is under 120 minutes.
The cast totals 10 performers, including local performers.

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Written, created and directed by Brett Bailey.