The Image


The project is a staged version of the little-known and short story by Samuel Beckett. The Image is an uncommonly long sentence (nine pages) that crystallizes the last moments of a man's life as he recalls the memory of a spring day spent with a woman and a dog.

With set designer and architect Giulio Lichtner and dancer Damien Jalet, Arthur Nauzyciel examines the story from multiple angles to propose an "improved" and performative reading of the play, a setting in space with an actress, a dancer and musician(s). The idea behind the play is to gather artists around this one sentence, them translating it successively into their own artistic language.

In only four days, the work is recreated in each city where it is performed, allowing the director to invite local musicians or other artists to participate in the performance. Anne Brochet, Lou Doillon and Julie Moulier have all embraced the acting part in various cities in the world. On the music side, Arthur Nauzyciel has also collaborated with Kira Kira in Island, with electronic composer Mileece in New York and the Winter Family for Asian performances.

Running time : 45 minutes


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Concept : Arthur Nauzyciel
Dance : Damien Jalet
Set design : Giulio Lichtner
Reciting and music : Depending on venue

Production : Centre Dramatique National/Orléans/Loiret/Centre, Compagnie 41751