Julius Caesar


Written in 1599 for the opening of The Globe Theatre just before Hamlet, Julius Caesar is the first in a series of great tragedies. Inspired by Plutarch, Shakespeare wrote it at a critical moment in the history of England : Essex's Rebellion against Elizabeth I. Like in Richard II (1595), the theme is the destitution of a sovereign. Julius Caesar portrays the conspiracy against the Roman dictator Julius Caesar. It shows his violent assassination and its political and rather savage aftermath.

Commissioned by The American Repertory Theatre - one the most important and innovative theatres in the US, Arthur Nauzyciel's Julius Caesar is his fourth play created in the United States.

Reading starts from a more traditional reading of the text and presents a modern and visual staging that attempts to create something altogether new. He modernises the fight for democracy and political power in ancient Rome by allowing the audience to link the themes in this 400-year-old play with issues faced by the American community and the US today.

Running time : 210 mins (including interval)


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Text by William Shakespeare
Direction : Arthur Nauzyciel
Set : Riccardo Hernandez
Choreography : Damien Jalet
Sound : David Remedios
Costumes : James Schuette
Lights : Scott Zielinski With Sara Kathryn Bakker, Anne Brochet, Luca Carboni, Gardiner Comfort, Jared Craig, Thomas Derrah, Roy Faudree, Isma'il Ibn Conner, Perry Jackson, Thomas Kelley, Tim McDonough, Mark L. Montgomery, Daniel Le, Daniel Pettrow, Kunal Prasad, Stefan Hallur Stefansson, Neil Patrick Stewart, James Waterston
Jazz Trio: Blake Newman or Dmitry Ishenko (bass), Eric Hofbauer (guitar) and Marianne Solivan (voice)

Production : Centre Dramatique National Orléans/Loiret/Centre, American Repertory Theater (with the support of Philip et Hilary Burling).
Coproduction : Festival d'Automne à Paris, Maison des Arts de Créteil, avec le soutien additionnel du Théâtre Gérard Philipe - CDN de Saint-Denis.
With the support of Etant Donnés Fund-the French-American Fund for Performing Arts, a Program of FACE.